Accredited Registrar are an accredited Registrar for the Irish Domain Registry, this allows us to offer substantial savings over the Registry's official price and allows direct management of all your .ie domain names.​

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Accredited Registrar for IE domain names

Web Forwarding

Redirect your new domain names to your existing web sites or your ISP's free webspace.

Full DNS Control

You have full online control of A, MX and CNAME records through your Online Control Panel.

Email Forwarding

Redirect email for your new domain to any existing email address, like your Gmail or Hotmail account.

Value For Money

Our prices offer great value for money. Unlike other registrars, we don't charge more for renewals.

Tips To Ensure a Successful Domain Transfer

  1. Make sure that more than 60 days have passed since the domain was first registered or last transfered.
  2. Check your domain status, it should not be in Pending Delete or Redemption status with your current Registrar.
  3. Make sure you have access to the domain’s EPP code. You should be able to acess the EPP code in your current Registrar's control panel. For .ie domains, you can also request the code directly from the Registry at
  4. Whois privacy protection should be disabled before the transfer process. Also, make sure your domain is unlocked at your current Registrar (many registrars will automatically place a lock on the domain for security).
  5. If the domain was recently reactivated from an expired state, you may not get a year added to the expiry date.

Frequently Asked Questions About Domain Transfers

You can initiate and pay for an incoming transfer on this page. Just make sure your domain is unlocked with the losing registrar, and you have the transfer authorisation/EPP code specific to your domain. Please note that authorisation/EPP codes may expire, so please ensure the code is recent.

How do I transfer my domain without affecting my existing website/email?

To avoid any interuption to your website or email, please ensure that you enter the correct nameservers for your current website/email provider. Domain transfers that do not contain nameserver information will be set to use our nameservers by default and may cause downtime for your website and/or email.

How much does a domain transfer cost?

For incoming transfers, the cost will vary depending on the TLD. Please check our domain price list​ for current transfer, renewal, and registration prices. The pricing page is for non-premium domains and does not include Premium Domain names. Transfers ordered over the phone will be subject to a surcharge.

How long will the transfer take?

For .ie domains, the transfer is usually completed the same day. For top level domain like com, net and org it can take up to 7 days for the transfer to complete.